11Embrace Micro Content
Marketing strategies often look at creating lasting impressions but you should also cater for short lived micro content.
11OTA or Local
Whist Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) are very important, we are seeing a shift back to more localised marketing.
11Top Tourism Mistakes Part 5 – DigiTourShow Daily #005
The fifth top mistake is too many tourism businesses do not allow online booking.
11Top Tourism Mistakes Part 4
The fourth top mistake is you don’t have a marketing plan. Believe me this happens more often than not.
11Top Tourism Mistakes Part 3
The third top mistake is only offering a customer experience once they are participating in your product.
11Top Tourism Mistakes part 2
The second top mistake is that business owners think that by directing more traffic to a site this will increase sales. Simply not the case.
11Top Tourism Mistakes part 1
The first top mistake that will be hitting your bottom line is you think everyone is looking for a cheap deal. This is simply not the case.
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