Touriosity: What I learned from running a non-profit OTA
Touriosity was born out of wanting to help operators recover. I gave them a platform that we could help market without large fees.
Most of you will have Google GA4 Analytics set-up wrong
If you have set-up GA4 already, great news, but you may have missed a couple of vital settings that MUST be updated to make sure you keep data
Use Calendly’s new tool to drive consumer engagement
If you run a multi-day business or focus on group and corporate experiences, speaking to your potential customers is still the best way to close sales
ALL tour operators should provide a self-guided option of their products, be you a day tour or multi-day operator.
Announcing Some Changes at TMA
It is safe to say that the last two years have been incredibly difficult, but now the time is right for a change.
Viator Introduce Accelerate - Is This the Hunger Games of Tours & Activities?
I am not going to beat around the bush here… this move from one of the industry's largest OTAs is shameful and nothing more than a cash grab.
How Popular are Wellness Experiences Post Pandemic?
Be it yoga, a spa retreat, forest bathing, or tarot… what do consumers seek out when considering a wellness experience?
Should you make the switch from business travel to B2C?
B2B travel is now seen by some as a dead end, so the question for others who focus on business travel is… should you switch to B2C?
Do OTAs Suffer from Brand Blindness?
While those of us in the industry talk at length about Online Travel Agents (OTAs), are they well known by the general public they target?
If this is what the EU has implemented, it truly is devastating to the travel industry, and yet another set-back to every business owner.
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