A Free Tour Operator Website Offering You Full Control

At the Tourism Marketing Agency, we have decided to shake things up a bit when it comes to working with a marketing agency. It has always been our goal to support tour operators — we’re not here to price gouge or take advantage of folks in our industry. Now, more than ever, we feel it’s vital to give tour operators as much control over their businesses as possible.

Throughout the pandemic, many tour operators and experience providers have been severely hit, both emotionally and financially. With things starting to open up again across the world, many are worried about how they can attract customers on limited budgets. 

Well today, to help the many operators in this situation, I am announcing something that no other marketing agency in our sector offers. TMA now provides a free WordPress website for your tourism business with every marketing package we offer… even our entry level package.

A Free Tour Operator Website Offering You Full Control

The Benefits of a WordPress Website for Tour Operators

While we are offering these websites for free, they do not use some second-rate template. 

On the contrary, the template we use provides a fantastic platform to better showcase your tours and activities, your brand, and your team, as well as providing a better platform for SEO. 

Not only that, it can either integrate with many widgets from existing reservation systems or you can use the website’s own internal booking and availability calendar for seamless sales.

We have seen many reservation and booking systems offer free websites, but you do not own them. If you decide to move to a new booking platform, you can’t take the site with you. We always want tour providers to maintain control over their businesses and to have more say in their own success.

With our solution, you fully own the website and we are happy to show you how everything works, giving you even more control over the aesthetics and functionality of your own business (if you’d like to learn).

And even if you decide to leave TMA — for whatever reason — the website is yours to keep. While you are with us, we can host, maintain, and provide support on an ongoing basis. If you ever leave, we can continue to host your site for a fee or you can choose to take your site and hosting elsewhere. It’s all in your control!

Example Websites

Overland Ireland Tours
Overland Ireland
Responsible Travel Peru
Responsible Travel Peru
John England Tours
John England Tours

Why are we offering a free website?

On top of the financial situation many tour operators face due to the pandemic, we have noticed a troubling trend with many operators’ websites. We have had many operators come to us for help with marketing, but their websites are in such a sorry state that they are unfit to use as a platform from which to market tours and activities. 

We refuse to spend any operator’s hard earned cash on marketing if their website is not up to the task. However, many operators do not have the means to rebuild their site, so they are left in a state of limbo. They’re unable to effectively attract customers with the site they have and cannot capture the bookings they are looking for to increase their revenue.

Our ethos has always been to help the tours and activities industry grow, helping as many operators as possible. Today’s announcement is an extension of this ethos.

We have all been left devastated with the covid pandemic and we are all looking for ways to dust ourselves off and fight for the sector we love. With this shift in our marketing options, it is, in some small way, our way to offer additional help.

If you want more details or are interested in this offer, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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