Pay Per Click Advertising in Tourism, Part 2
What people search for in Summer is different to what they search for in Winter.
Pay Per Click Advertising in Tourism, Part 1
From experience Keywords and terms that tourism businesses use within their PPC campaigns are often too generic or broad to really reach a precise audience.
Email Marketing in Tourism, Part 2
If you wish to increase your open rates, create a punchy, attention grabbing subject line.
Email Marketing in Tourism, Part 1
Customers do not wish to be bombarded with email newsletters 4-5 times per week, and believe me that happens.
Marketing Budget Spend
Rick Snowden asked what is the ‘right’ amount to spend on a marketing budget.
Automated Marketing for Tourism
On our Facebook group, Coll Maclean asked about email marketing and how to send more than one email in a sequence.
Social Media Battleground
Don’t just take old content created for one platform and throw it aimlessly at another.
Target Existing Customers
Too many tourism businesses don’t target existing customers nearly enough.
Social Media Buzz
Things move very fast on social media, and you don’t want to miss the buzz.
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