Infographic: The Real Cost of Managing Your Own Marketing
Here at the Tourism Marketing Agency, we’ve put together a little infographic detailing the real costs of running your own digital marketing campaigns.
Facebook’s API Update
Facebook’s API updates are changing some of the rules for Hootsuite and other social-media management systems
Perfecting your Facebook Advertising Strategy
This is TMA’s easy-to-follow guide to getting the most out of your Facebook advertising strategy.
Hotel Booking Sites Under Scrutiny
The UK Competition and Markets Authority is targeting the way hotel booking sites promote discounted offers and push sales by falsely reporting limited room availability.
Keeping Customer Attention Without Repetition
At its simplest — and it’s rarely simple — marketing is an attempt to grab and hold on to your desired customers’ attention.
How does GDPR Impact the Tourism Marketing Industry?
The deadline for GDPR is almost here and we’d like to discuss how it affects travel companies and what they can do to be GDPR compliant.
How to improve your TripAdvisor ranking
What are the changes to TripAdvisor’s algorithm and how can you improve your TripAdvisor ranking?
Use Instagram Stories for Tourism Marketing
If you have watched a few of my shows you know that I make a point that content should be story driven.
How to market your business with no money
If you have next to no budget to market your business then follow these steps…
Use Remarketing For More Sales
Not everyone who lands on your site will purchase straight away. In fact, it can take as much as 90 days for someone to make a purchase decision.
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