Facebook & Instagram Merger with WhatsApp
How Might Facebook and WhatsApp’s Merger Affect Tourism Companies?
TMA Hosted Travel Massive Glasgow’s First Big Event!
We had two great speakers and a room full of tourism professionals, business owners, marketers, and travel bloggers.
Brexit: The Ticking Time Bomb For Tourism?
Which? says that a no-deal result could cause significant disruption, increasing costs and stopping people from travelling within the EU and possibly even beyond the EU.
The Digital Battle for Tours and Activities
How to make sure suppliers maintain control of their tour and activity services.
Is TripAdvisor holding a gun to its suppliers’ heads?
Bókun customers will get preferential listings on TripAdvisor for tours and activities — this was admitted recently by the president of TripAdvisor Experiences, Dermot Halpin.
6 Tips to Maximise Your Facebook Engagement
Since early 2018, Facebook’s algorithm update has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to appear regularly in the news feeds of their followers. With this in mind, here are TMA’s top tips to maximise your business’s Facebook engagement.
Facebook will buy TripAdvisor
The title for this blog might be seen as clickbait to some, but I strongly believe that Facebook will buy TripAdvisor. Why? Well, lots of reasons.
Google’s Touring Bird App Takes Flight
Touring Bird is a new app from Google, designed specifically for travellers.
TripAdvisor Influences Over 10% of all Tourism Spending!
Tangible new data confirming TripAdvisor’s influence over the international tourism industry.
Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising
Starting any new digital marketing campaign can be intimidating for businesses, and PPC is no exception.
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