Launching 5 Minute Marketing Workshops
These are designed to give you quick to-do’s that don’t take up much of your time but will help you grow your business.
Important Announcements and the Future of The Digital Tourism Show
I wanted to use the time in this episode to provide you all with a few exciting announcements of things I am looking to launch in 2022
How Technology is Changing the Tour & Activity Landscape
Murray and myself have a chat about how technology is changing within the tourism sector, specifically tours and activities.
How Technology Can Enhance The Guest Experience
Josh and Chris  discuss how technology can enhance the guest experience from the dreaming phase, through to the experience phase and beyond.
Viator Introduce Accelerate - Is This the Hunger Games of Tours & Activities?
I am not going to beat around the bush here… this move from one of the industry's largest OTAs is shameful and nothing more than a cash grab.
How Popular are Wellness Experiences Post Pandemic?
Be it yoga, a spa retreat, forest bathing, or tarot… what do consumers seek out when considering a wellness experience?
Should you make the switch from business travel to B2C?
B2B travel is now seen by some as a dead end, so the question for others who focus on business travel is… should you switch to B2C?
Although an opinion, it is an educated guess to help you better understand what may be around the corner for tours and activities.
A look at Things To Do On Google and Google My Business
Christian Watts of Magpie and Chris Torres of Tourism Marketing Agency discuss the benefits of Things To Do On Google.
Do OTAs Suffer from Brand Blindness?
While those of us in the industry talk at length about Online Travel Agents (OTAs), are they well known by the general public they target?
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